• Ancient and Modern Technologies for a Better Life



Welcome to Blue Pearl

Hi, I’m Lorae Marsten, and the owner of Blue Pearl. We’ve been helping people like you get clarity, take action and heal and expand their lives for over twenty years. We offer conscious, transformationals sessions and classes to help you get relief and reach your goals. While my (presently) featured modalities are Vedic Astrology and EFT (Meridian Tapping), you’ll find that they are integrated with a host of other valuable tools to help you get the results you want in all areas of your life.

This could be a great place for you if …

  • you know you need to take some serious action on manifesting your life dreams
  • you’d love to have more happiness, love, health and abundance in your life
  • you’ve been secretly “intending” to express you authentic, creative self and remain true to it
  • you’re ready to take charge of your own health and create your own future
  • you value freedom, joy and growth in consciousness
  • you want clarity and results

Ancient and Modern Technologies for a Better Life

We are dedicated to providing a deep and lasting experience of growth, healing, and hope for all our clients.

“May I be a wishing jewel, a magic vase,
Powerful mantras and effective medicine; 
May I become a wish-fulfilling tree
And a vessel of plenty for the world.”

~ Shantideva