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5 Simple Ways to Benefit from Vedic Astrology


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Five simple Ways You Can Benefit from Vedic Astrology:

  1. Learn about the important Moon Phases and use them in your life. The Moon is the most changeable planet, going through all its many phases in a month. If we know what sort of energy we are receiving from the Moon on a particular day, we can choose our activities wisely, perhaps postponing important decisions or actions till a time when the energy is more supportive. We all know the Full Moon is a good time to meditate; you can go far beyond this in honouring the cycles of the Moon.
  2. Have a reading and find out about your birthstar, or Nakshatra. This asterism is also connected to the Moon and provides you with an energy related to your soul. You are growing into the positive aspects of this Nakshatra. Once a month on your birthstar day, you have a powerful opportunity for support and growth in your life!
  3. Increase your experience of, and capacity for love, devotion, fun, beauty and prosperity by honouring the planet Venus on Fridays. Hint: soft pastel colours are compatible with this gentle planet.
  4. Screw up your courage and become a warrior in your life by using Mars energy. Be careful here – if it gets out of balance you can become angry and impatient. Here is where we ask the Archetype that can control Mars to help us. His name is Muruga or Subramanian. In Hawaiian culture he is known as the Sanat Kumar.
  5. Honour the Sun: He has been waking up the world for four and a half billion years and never missed a day. He shines with Good Will on all alike and his powerful, purifying energy can transform your life. Greet the Sun with reverence every day!

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