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About Muruga


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In Astrology

Did you know that much of the power of Vedic Astrology resides in the quantum sounds and mythic archetypes associated with the planets? In fact, there is a term, MYTHOTHERAPY, that refers to this power.

One very important archetype is Muruga, who is a Pleiedian energy of very high consciousness. Muruga is said to be the Lord of the coming Golden Age. One of the symbols associated with him is the Peacock, a symbol of transformation and speedy manifestation.

Muruga is most active on Tuesdays, when he will be especially available. He can give you gifts of incredible courage. On Tuesdays practice courage, perseverance, and also patience with others.

Use these sounds to accomplish this: OM Sa Ra Na Ba Va Ya

Audios of the power sounds coming soon!


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