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About Lorae

About Lorae

I am Shobhana Lorae Marsten, lover of music, animals, children, flowers and nature, and awesome ballroom dancer and this is my story.

In January 2001, on my first trip to India, while wandering along a crowded street in Varanasi (oldest city in the world), a man called out: “Madam, do you want to take a bus to Kathmandu?”

So … departing at 8:00 next morning, and arriving 40 hours later, I found my way to the center of the celebrations at the great temple.  There, at midnight in Kathmandu, on the fringes of the big celebrations for Siva Ratri, I was befriended by a Vedic Astrologer and scholar.

Over the next month I was enthralled by the myths and Archetypes of this profound and ancient culture, one of whom was Ganesha, the elephant-headed being who removes obstacles with his great intelligence.

When it was time to come back to Canada, a stop was made in Gorakhpur, North India, where I was introduced to, and was extremely drawn to, Kala Bhairava, a fierce black Archetype who appears naked, and is accompanied by a dog.

Back in Canada, time passed, and my Teacher encouraged me to study Vedic Astrology. I was immediately hooked, and soon found out that Ganesha, the great obstacle remover, is a patron of Astrology. So is Kala Bhairava, who is the Lord of Time of all the universes, and who sets the planets in motion.

Now I joyful pass along the blessings of what I have learned and what is continually being revealed. I know that on a daily basis I, and you are influenced and protected and directed by the energies of the planets and Archetypes which surround us all.