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History of EFT/Tapping


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EFT Tapping was first introduced in 1995. Based on the premise that unresolved emotions can compromise our potential for happiness, it  began as an effective remedy for phobias, addictions and war trauma. Vietnam Vets were finally able  to sleep at night, smokers could choose fresh air, and paralyzing phobias lost their grip…all without  medication!


Before long, EFT was providing relief for migraine headaches, sexual abuse trauma, and a wide  assortment of everyday ailments. EFT has been taught to therapists, clients and people on the street. Our motto is: “Try it on everything!”

Come out and see for yourself how this practical, powerful, yet gentle technique can create change for you and your family! Wednesday, August 23 from 7;00 TO 8:30 at DYL studio. (This month all workshops are by donation.)



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