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Insight into the August 21 Eclipse


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Big News in the Sky This Week! The Sun has now moved into kingly Leo , and then on the 21st, there will be a solar eclipse! Thiis will happen at 4° Leo, in the royal nakshatra (Birthstar) of Magha, and will be visible as a partial eclipse here in Canada. Eclipses always upset things emotionally, especially for those who have planets in their chart on or near the placement of the eclipse. Best to stay close to home and conserve energy for a couple days, if you can. ​ This eclipse is very special in a number of ways. Read on for more details.


Firstly, Donald Trump, and by default, the US, may be especially affected.Because of his important planets being in Leo also, it is likely that this eclipse will bring upsets to him, whether controversy, attacks, or health problems, possibly heart-related.


Secondly, there are a lot of planets in Leo right now. Mars is moving into Leo shortly, and will influence Mercury, which is retrograde in Leo till September 5. Mercury is the planet of finance, business and travel. Since it is being influenced by difficult planets, it will not be helpful for the next while. Better to keep reviewing ideas and make your plans, but implement them after September 5.



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