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What is Vedic Astrology?

Vedic Astrology, or Jyotish, which means Light, is the ancient wisdom of knowing the planets and how they demonstrate and create our lives for us.

We journey to Earth, probably many times, and the stars and planets provide clear markers for us, as to our gifts and talents, challenges, interests and more. Understanding the bigger picture of our lives through the skies is not only a way to make sense of our circumstances, and a way to find a path through them to a better life, a but spiritual journey in itself.

Lorae is excited to bring this ancient wisdom to Canada and the west. She particularly want to help westerners understand and use the remedies associated with Vedic Astrology in a practical and comfortable manner.

Services Available

Birthchart: This will fill you in on strengths, weaknesses, areas of interest in your life, probabilities for travel, relationship styles, career choices and outcomes – an overview of you and your life.

  1. Bonus 1: Learn what planets are active in your life right now and how to capitalize on this.
  2. Bonus 2: Learn about your birthstar and how to work with it to achieve your best you!

Transit Reading: Learn where the planets are in the sky this year and how their movement will impact your life. Know the challenges and opportunities you have before you and how to best deal with the big astrological events of 2014.

  1. Bonus: Remedies, both western and eastern (traditional), will be suggested to help you make the most of your year. These remedies are powerful technologies that work energetically to help you align with the planets’ vibrations in a positive way.

Relationship Reading: As a trained relationship astrologer, Lorae analyzes your compatibility with your partner. What areas are good, which ones may be problems, best way to deal maturely with them.

If you are searching for love, she can help you pinpoint the best periods for romance, help you become your best self, and beam in a wonderful, caring partner.

Lorae is also a Matchmaker and Astrologer at Match Me World.